Human Shield


{/laughs/ i found this on my pc i dont think i ever posted this it was from like 3 years ago}



more fluffy heavy/medic stuff

I was imagining when they haven’t started the relationship, and it was Heavy that made the first moves, and Medic was a little annoyed at the beginning. Though I guess it didn’t take him long to figure out what was going on.

Heavy trying to peek over Medic’s shoulder while delivering everyone’s hot chocolate_(:з」∠)_ ain’t that just cute

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Medic, that’s not an apology.

Short break to practice some küssen because I don’t know how to küssen. No ref, free style. [prompts]

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"The Ruthless Russian"

…No description needed

Poster by CrudeCuttlefish


ms-ashri suggested hoovy and medic snuggling on a couch. c:

What TF2 Class are you?


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"…vell zhis isn’t going to work-"

I think you should let me stick to being Heavy, Hilderich.


Have you checked out your birth chart? Click here!

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                       I was supposed to be strong enough to a l w a y s protect you.


"This evening has been, So very nice"

"I’ll hold your hands, they’re just like ice"

I really love Christmas!

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{ fanart }


more heavy/medic stuff_(:з」∠)_ in the office

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{ fanart }